Basic Guide To Australia Dedicated Server Hosting

In the last few years, we have become quite familiar with the terms’ cloud-first’ and ‘cloud computing’ regarding businesses using IT infrastructure and hosting services. 

With multiple businesses’ choices for storing the data of their websites, applications, data storage and email, shared hosting is generally the option. 

Though dedicated server hosting is expensive, it offers many benefits that web hosting does not. It provides more control and power to the company who opts for this solution instead of web-based service.

What is a dedicated web hosting server, and how does it work?

The term dedicated web hosting denotes the process in which a service package is offered with a dedicated server that has resources catering for that single client. 

The solution allows the client to have complete control over the equipment, thus optimising the product as per their specific requirement and business needs. In Australia, such a solution ensures that the customer gets high-end performance and security from the package. 

In this process, the service vendor supplies the customer with physical hardware located at a specific pace and the required environment needed to the facility. The vendor also provides the customer with technical support and other associated services. 

So how does it work?

This is a web-based system that can be custom-configured for the business. Its associated applications could range from a website, a database, private cloud, VoIP, gaming, streaming, and any other business also needs.  

A customer can opt to form multiple solely catered drives for them in Australia, pooled together for better scalability with high performance. 

Typically, there are two steps involved in how the system works.

1.Selecting the hardware: 

This allows the customer to decide whether they want a single processor or dual processor and memory storage. At this stage; the customer is also given the option to consider the memory storage space and the kind of local storage they want, which can be determined with various drives and sizes. 

2.The Software Selection: 

Depending on the type of business and the kind of service the customer wants a plethora of software is there to choose from and customise it accordingly. The process begins with selecting an operating system and build it up from there.

Apart from these additional services vendors of Australia offers are security, cloud backup, firewalls etc. as per the customer’s requirements.

How much does it cost to have the solution?

According to SherWeb’s analysis of the average cost for on-premise dedicated server costs about $1,476.31. 

The study was conducted by taking into account a business’s scaling requirements, the technology’s refresh rate, and indirect cost like administration staff for managing the system.

While this figure gives a ballpark estimation for the product’s price, other factors also determine the cost of having such a service. Some of them are:

• Compliance requirement

• Workload demand

• Internal staff 

• Configuration requirement

• Management needs

• Support requirement

• Consistency in the demand of the business

• Any specific upgrades anticipated by the business 

• Speed of the system

All these factors influence the pricing it also helps you to decide whether you should go for it or a shared plan. The list of benefits that the solution offers also impacts the businesses in opting for it.

Benefits of dedicated server hosting

Even if a company is using a shared hosting service, there are several reasons that one can consider shifting to this solution of a dedicated solution. Top 4 are:

  • It allows private communication thus making it more secure and preventing scammers and hackers from getting access to the company computers.  
  • It allows private communication thus making it more secure and preventing scammers and hackers from getting access to the company computers.  
  • It allows private communication thus making it more secure and preventing scammers and hackers from getting access to the company computers.  
  • It allows private communication thus making it more secure and preventing scammers and hackers from getting access to the company computers.  

Who should buy it?

Dedicated server hosting is a powerful solution for a business, but if someone is still unsure whether their business requires it, the following reasons can help them:

• Business growth and increase in traffic:

If your website is having a significant increase in traffic and anticipate that your business is growing faster, the solution is the answer. It allows the business to avoid increased bounce rate, thus loss of revenue. 

• Ensure security

If a business is dealing with sensitive information, customer details like credit cards, ABN, confidential emails etc., additionally it is more secured hence offer better protection from cyberattacks and such threats. The solution can be optimised as per the business-specific requirements too.  

• Improved speed

The loading time of a page impacts the engagement and bounce rate. With an increased bandwidth of the system, the speed can be optimised for the website. 

While there are the benefits, as a user, one should also consider it’s speed since it is customisable. 

How to choose a bandwidth allocation for your business?

When you select such a service for your business in Australia, a business needs to consider the bandwidth. Some of the basic questions one might ask are:

  • Should you go for an unmetered one?
  • How much is the usage of the bandwidth going to cost?
  • What is the bandwidth amount that might be needed? 

A reputed, vendor of such a product in Australia will help the client to pick the right bandwidth depending on the business and its requirements. Some of the aspects that are to be taken into account are:

  • Download and upload speed 
  • Network bandwidth
  • Port speed 
  • Metered and unmetered plans
  • Data transfer 

If you are still concerned about whether you should opt for such a solution, contact us at XXX. We will help you choose the right plan with the right bandwidth to better scale the business while ensuring your company’s reliability. 

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